Printed Name: (Demo Version)

This is my full-length rock musical. It is two acts which run approximately 2 1/2 hours. It is an ensemble piece for three actors. Stevie is 30, Brian is 27, and Elena is 26. The plot follows their lives over the six month period between July 4 and December 7, 2004. The tone is like life, sometimes happy sometimes sad. It deals with the effects of holding onto lost loved ones too strongly.

It is based around the song “Printed Name,” which opens and closes the show.

Group Therapy: Little Fishy

My high school rock band. We won a battle of the bands at a neighboring high school and the grand prize was four hours of recording time at a local studio. Four hours wasn’t enough time to finish the album, though. Luckily, the engineer was an english teacher who was reading “Paradise Lost” with his class. In exchange for some more time, the band recorded some heavy-metal music that he could play as they read.

At the time of recording, CD’s weren’t as easily available to kids with little money, so we had cassettes made. The recording you will hear at this link is a digital copy of that cassette, hence the quality is not as great as I would like. It will still give you an idea of what we were doing at the time. Not bad for a bunch of teenagers.

Pedestrian Crossing (a.k.a Ped-X)

I believe it was “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” that overused the phrase: “And now for something completely different”. That is what this collection of music represents. Written while on tour with “The Full Monty”, these songs were written as a way to teach the two 13-year-olds in the company some guitar chords. These songs provided us with many enjoyable hours of giddiness.

We performed “Pool Shark” at a “Broadway Cares…” benefit in Minneapolis. I wish I had pictures to show you of the two of them rocking out during the solo.

By far the most popular song of this collection is “The Ballad of Ajole”. It is the story of a boy who can shoot bullets out his butt, and how he terrorizes the wild west until he ultimately is tracked down by the army.

Silly Songs: Crazy musical ramblings and inspired funny tunes. Enjoy.