YEAR ONE OF THE EMPIRE  By Elinor Fuchs and Joyce Antler
Directed by Alex Roe
Produced at the Metropolitan Playhouse in New York City

New York Times, Reviewed by Wilborn Hampton
“A fine cast of 10 plays more than 40 different characters and makes each one distinct.” “David Patrick Ford, Gregory Jones, John Tobias and J. M. McDonough are all excellent in a variety of roles”, Reviewed by Martin Denton
“And David Patrick Ford, who is coolly slick as Indiana Senator Albert Beveridge (one of Lodge’s allies), also gets to share his beautiful singing voice at several points in the play, from a stirring a cappella rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” that opens the show to a subdued and pointed “America the Beautiful” at the finale., Reviewed by Edward Karam
“Still, there was confident and sharp work from…David Patrick Ford as minor characters and as an impressive singer of the national anthem.”

David Patrick Ford as Indiana Senator Albert J. Beveridge. (Photo: John Brock)