PIPPIN music, lyrics, and book by Steven Schwartz
Directed and choreographed by Joe Deer
Performed at the Kresge Theater (Mainstage) Carnegie Mellon University

Dan Goldwasser, Tartan Staffwriter

“David Ford, who plays the Leading Player, gave a passionate performance which will be impossible to ever forget.  Evil, and tempting our inner desires, the leading player acts as a devil, trying to tempt Pippin with that which he can never achieve — complete fulfillment.”

From “In Pittsburgh” Newsweekly by Ted Hoover

“David Ford and Victoria Prescott Reiniger were standouts in CMU’s Pippin.”

A. Levine, IP

“…the players who try very hard and the several who succeed admirably (David Ford, Victoria Prescott Reiniger, and those marvelous chorus players.)